Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sanaa and school days

Sanaa has really been enjoying kindergarten. She is learning to read and very proud of the words that she can recognize. She has a spelling test every Friday and has done quite well on them. Each week we have 4-5 words to work on and there has only been a couple of spelling tests where she hasn't gotten everything correct. She's either turned her letters backwards or put them in the wrong order. Her writing has improved a lot since the beginning of school. She enjoys doing her homework and I try to make it fun so that she'll continue to enjoy her homework. I know a day will come when she'll hate homework, so I'm trying to capitalize on these days while she actually likes it! Her favorite homework is when she gets to draw and write.

A while back Sanaa made a Star Student folder. Each kid in her class made one and they all took turns sharing about themselves. Sanaa's folder is below. She loves drawing and decorating. In fact, one of the biggest problems I have with her is that she'll draw and doodle all over her homework if I'm not watching her! I've been encouraging her to do a little homework and then get a blank piece of paper to draw on.

This last week Mr. Wolf also came home again to spend the night. Sanaa was very excited! Mr. Wolf went everywhere with us. He even came along to pick up Layla from preschool. Sanaa took good care of him again and also made him his own bed to sleep in at night.

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