Saturday, November 16, 2013

Random things the girls have said

Layla: "Sanaa! You know what daddy did?!? He poured hot coffee on my head!!
Nate: "No Layla. I didn't pour coffee on your head. It was just a drop of hot water."

I overheard Layla say to Sanaa:
"If you don't listen to God he put you in jail."

Today I could hear the girls whispering and I could hear them each time the tried to sneak up on me. So Sanaa asked me, "Do you have sharp ears like a monkey?"
I said, "Yep."
Sanaa asked, "Why do you have sharp ears?
I said, "Because I'm a mom."
After that she gave up trying to sneak up on me.

Layla: "I'm the mommy. Sanaa's the baby and Malakai's the daddy. I'm big and Sanaa is small."
Sanaa: "I'm not small! I'm medium!"
Layla: "Oh, okay. Your medium and I'm medium." She then looks at me and says, "You're large!!"

Layla said to me one day:
"I want big hair like you. It's like a tiger!"

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