Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just doing a quick catch up

Goodness. It has been a long time since my last post. We have been very busy these past few weeks and hopefully this weekend I'll get some pictures up. Since my last post we have made apple cider with my family, took the kids trick or treating, spent one weekend in California (Nate and I), attend my first parent teacher conference, and spent a second weekend in Texas.

All the traveling has wiped us out. The first weekend in November Nate and I flew down to San Diego to attend a cross cultural orientation through the Nazarene church. It was a very encouraging weekend. While we don't know exactly what our future holds, we are ready to follow where ever God leads us.

We flew back from San Diego and had 3 days at home before packing up everyone and flying down to Dallas to spend a long weekend with Nate's parents. Back in August while I was in Guatemala with Sanaa and Layla, Nate had planned to visit his parents with Malakai. But his parents house flooded due to a pipe that burst and Nate's August trip was canceled. Once the girls and I returned from Guatemala Nate's parents asked us to find a time this fall that worked for all of us to fly down.

This past weekend was the only weekend that worked for us. Nate had used all of his vacation time this summer and we had to wait until he accrued more vacation days before we could leave. Plus, Sanaa had a 6 day weekend from school due to parent teacher conferences, a budget restriction day, and a holiday. Her next long break will be over Thanksgiving but Thanksgiving marks the start of Nate's black out period at work where no one is allowed vacation time until sometime after the beginning of January.

We enjoyed our time in Texas with Nate's parents but unfortunately didn't get to see Nate's brother and his family since they were unable to come down from Arkansas due to Caleb's job. We did get to iChat (or FaceTime or whatever it's called) with them which was really nice.

It is nice to be home, but Malakai seems to be coming down with a cold now. It's been a rough two days with him and I think all of us are ready for the weekend where we can have some down time.

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