Saturday, November 30, 2013

Definitely not a good evening

My day was going okay. The kids were them normal selves. Sometimes good, sometimes fighting. Dinner was finished, the girls were picking up the toys, and I was cleaning up the dinner dishes. Layla told me she needed to go to the bathroom (which is normal. She almost always has to use the bathroom when it's time to pick up toys....). A little while later Layla came out of the bathroom crying. At first I couldn't understand and was wondering if she was feeling okay.

But then I understood what she was saying through her sobs. She said, "Mommy, something bad happened in the bathroom. I'm sorry mommy. You need to come." She took my hand and led me down the hallway.

My first thought, the toilet was probably filling up and about to flow over. 

I was not prepared for the disaster that met me. The toilet had already overflowed and the entire floor was covered in water. Some water was still slowly flowing over the edge of the toilet. Layla started crying even harder and repeated that she was sorry. Sanaa just gasped and asked me what we were going to do.

I told Sanaa that she, Layla, and Malakai needed to go back to the kitchen and they needed to try their best to keep Malakai away from the bathroom. I grabbed all the towels from our hall closet and threw down close to half of them along the edges of the bathroom to keep anymore water from flowing to the wall. Then I hunted down our plunger from the garage. Layla informed me she had used "a lot" of toilet paper. I was able to unplug the toilet and the water flowed down, but I still had the mess on the floor to deal with. Ugh. I did get it all cleaned up and used all but 2 of our towels. Plus, I mopped and and cleaned the bathroom again. Toilet water on the floor grosses me out! But now the bathroom has had a thorough cleaning and the towels are getting a very thorough washing.

I don't think I'll have another incident like this again from Layla. She was very, very upset about the whole thing. I found out that she was most afraid that I wouldn't love her anymore. I reassured her that I would always love her, but I was upset she had used so much toilet paper (nearly 1/2 a roll) and plugged up the toilet. I then reiterated that I only want her to use 2 sheets of toilet paper and this is why I ask her to use such a small amount.

I guess now we'll just see if Malakai ever plugs up the toilet....

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