Friday, November 15, 2013

Autumn fun

This is the text I sent to Nate earlier today.
"I took 2 minutes to go to the bathroom and the house suddenly got very quiet. I came out to find Malakai and Layla in the backyard. Both without coats or shoes. Layla doesn't even have socks on. At least Malakai has his socks on. Sanaa was trying to get them back in and when I asked why the door had even been opened Sanaa responded, 'because I wanted to see Jasmine the black cat.' Now Sanaa is trying to figure out how to lure Malakai back inside and she's trying to tempt him with a lollipop, which isn't working."

Kids.... what in the world do you do with them? It was not warm outside. It was only in the upper 40's and cloudy. I also didn't understand who Jasmine the black cat was. It turns out Jasmine is Keldorn and Sanaa was pretending he had a princess name instead.

I also discovered a cool new trick on my phone by accident when I was taking pictures. If I hold the button to take a picture while the kids are in the middle of an action my phone will take multiple pictures at once. I had no idea my phone could do that! I'm probably way behind and everyone else knew that. But now I can get some fun action shots like Layla throwing the leaves in the air.

 Yesterday, after nap time, I took the kids out and we raked the leaves up into a big pile. All of them thought that was a lot of fun and it's probably why they were so quick to run outside today. Playing in leaves is a lot of fun!

Sanaa was the only one who wanted to help me rake so we took turns. She did a really good job getting the leaves raked up.

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