Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Linds make salve

Nearly two months ago on Labor Day, several members from my dads side of the family got together to make salve. I think 5 of my dads siblings were there plus some of their spouses, my brother and sister-in-law and two of my cousins. I was very curious about what all making salve entailed but it's suprisingly easy. There is a lot of standing around and waiting while the ingredients simmer over a fire. It great excuse for the family members that could to get together, hang out, and talk.

The recipe came from our Lind cookbook and is a recipe that has been passed down over the generations. I don't know the full history of this recipe but it's a healing salve that comes from Dr. Peter Zehr (1809-1898) who was my great great great grandfather (my dad's great great grandfather on his mom's side).

The mixture boiled for awhile and then it was strained. It was then put back over the fire and more ingredients were added and it simmered some more.

Once it was finished simmering, it was strained again and then we poured it into small jars and containers. It made a lot!

The salve hardens as it cools and becomes the consistency of chap stick. I wasn't sure what all to use it for but I was told by my aunts that you can use it for anything such as chapped lips, diaper rash, dry skin, minor burns etc.

I know the recipe is hard to read but it calls for hog's fat, dried rose blossoms, chick weed, fried onion (fried very dark), rosson (I don't know if this is spelled right but that's how it was spelled in the recipe), burgundy pitch, bee's wax, and a small piece of compfor the size of a walnut. Half of those ingredients I had no idea what they were (and I'm still not sure)! But the ingredients are suppose to have healing qualities to them.

Sanaa and Layla didn't help with making the salve. They spent their time running around and playing as well as helping uncle Ken make some ice cream.

Malakai enjoyed putting rocks in a pot and emptying them out.

Once the salve was made and poured into bottles we all enjoyed some yummy homemade ice cream! It was a fun weekend and when I told people what we did over Labor Day weekend I did get some strange looks. However, I think it is so much fun getting together with uncles and aunts, making random recipes from generations ago and just catching up. Eventually my uncles and aunts will pass away (I'd rather they not!) so I want to learn about things from their past and join in on these activities while they are still here to share them with us.

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