Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sanaa and Layla's first ballet class

Saturday morning Sanaa and Layla were invited to attend a ballet class. One of my moms co-workers has a 3 year old daughter (she is 3 days older than Layla) and her ballet class was having a bring a friend day. Of course Sanaa and Layla over heard my phone conversation on Friday when the mom called to invite them and they were very excited. Layla slept in her ballet outfit and Sanaa had to do some ballet stretches before bed. 

It was hard to get pictures of them in class. There was a large window where we could watch but the blinds were tilted in such a way that it made it hard to get pictures. I had to lay my phone on the window just right so that the camera was between the slits to get a picture. We couldn't adjust the blinds since they were inside the classroom and we had to wait outside.

There are a few pictures below. The girls were pretty tired after class but had a blast. Sanaa informed me that she wants to do ballet every day!

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