Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin carving

The girls have been asking to carve pumpkins for the last couple of weeks. Last weekend my parents sent home 2 large pumpkins with us from their garden. One had Layla's name scratched onto it by uncle Ryan and aunt Karen and the other had Sanaa's name. Malakai's pumpkin did not survive, but that's okay. He's too little to really care!

Layla really enjoyed scraping out the pumpkin and getting the seeds and pulp out. She worked hard on her pumpkin and I was amazed at how focused she was. Sanaa didn't really enjoy that part and didn't like how the pumpkin pulp and slimy seeds felt. So I scraped out Sanaa's pumpkin while Layla scraped out her pumpkin and Nate separated the seeds from the pulp. I roasted the seeds later. Sanaa and Layla tried the roasted seeds but don't like them. Maybe they'll like them next year. I know it took me awhile before I actually liked the taste of roasted pumpkin seeds. 

This is the inside of Layla's pumpkin once she said she was all done and wanted to go play. She did really great!

Sanaa was much more interested in the actual carving part. She really wanted a very intricate design but I managed to convince her to do something a little more simple. We were nearing the end of Malakai's nap time and I wanted to have the pumpkins carved and knives put away before he woke up.

Sanaa with Layla's pumpkin and her pumpkin (Layla's is on the left and Sanaa's is on the right). At first I couldn't get Layla to sit and take a picture with the pumpkins.

When she did finally sit she started making funny faces or looking the other way. I think I took a total of 7 or 8 pictures before finally getting one where both girls were looking and smiling.

Malakai woke up from his nap and we moved the pumpkins to our front yard. Malakai was fascinated by the fact that you could remove the tops of the pumpkins and look inside. I did put candles inside the pumpkins and we've lit them a couple of times so that the girls could see their pumpkins glow after the sun went down.

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Karen said...

Great pumpkins! Uncle Ken did the name scratching at the salve party. I didn't know he did it for all the kids, I was surprised to find our there was one for Ariana!!