Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Meeting Bob and Larry

Saturday was a busy day for us. After the ballet class we went out to eat bagels with Sandra and her daughter and then we went to their house for about an hour. Sandra invited us to LifeWay (the bookstore) just after lunch because Bob and Larry from VeggieTales were going to be there. Sanaa and Layla were pretty excited to hear that. 

However..... when Bob and Larry came out into the bookstore, Sanaa and Layla were terrified. Bob and Larry were too big and too scary. The girls wanted a picture with them but would not go up without me and then Layla started crying and Sanaa acted extremely shy. Sanaa kept saying over and over that they were too big.

I suggested to the girls that we don't take a picture with Bob and Larry but that resulted in more tears. So I ended up holding Layla as she cried while holding Malakai and Sanaa just stood there very still not willing to go too close to Bob and Larry.

Sandra and her daughter Paloma also got a picture with Bob and Larry. It turns out that Sandra's husband works at LifeWay so I got to meet him.

One of the employees at LifeWay was making balloon animals and balloon flowers. The balloon flowers that the girls got redeemed the picture ordeal with Bob and Larry. So it all ended well.

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