Sunday, October 20, 2013

Malakai's first professional hair cut

On Friday Malakai got his first hair cut by a professional hair stylist. I've cut his hair twice now, but it's mainly just to trim it and keep it out of his eyes. He does not sit still and he hates to have his hair messed with so I've never been able to trim it very well. So, the time came for him to have his hair cut. He has gotten a lot of compliments on how handsome and grown up he looks now. On Friday I thought his hair cut was great, but now I'm having hard time. I miss his long, unruly hair. Saturday morning when I got him out of bed I just looked at him. He looks so different to me and so much bigger! Below are his before and after shots.

The poor kid has some very unique cowlicks that I'm sure he'll hate when he's older. Melanie (who cut his hair) just looked at him before cutting it and asked him what in the world she should do with his cowlick. There's not much you can do. He's going to be stuck with a swirl cowlick just above his forehead. He has a second cowlick at the back of his head that makes his hair stand up. For now, he looks quite cute but I guess we'll see what he ends up doing with his hair once he's older.

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