Friday, October 11, 2013

Layla's preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch

I have so much catching up to do that I really don't know if I'll ever get this blog caught up. We have been quite busy these past couple of weeks. The girls have spent most of their free time playing out front with Marcus and Naomi (their new best friends that live down the street from us) and riding bikes. It hasn't been as rainy. Sure it's been cloudy but I don't remember spending this much time outside in October. 

Anyway, yesterday Layla's preschool had their big field trip to a pumpkin patch. I honestly thought we were going to same one we did last year, but found out last week we were going to a new one. It sounded pretty fun on paper and I think the girls will tell anyone they had fun. However, I will never be taking my kids back to this pumpkin patch. If the preschool goes back to this same one next year we will not be going. 

We arrived later than most of the other kids since I had to wait until Sanaa was out of kindergarten. The girls were excited but at the same time they were grumpy and Layla was especially whiny. I seriously thought about turning the van around and just going home. But didn't. We ate our picnic lunch when we arrived and then the girls wanted to go on the inflatable obstacle course and slide. They did it once and everything was fine. The second time as the girls waited to go on the slide, things didn't go so well. 

The employee manning the slide was sitting inside the slide (not standing outside where I think she should have been) letting kids know when it was their turn. On top of that the inflatable slide was about a foot away from a 2 1/2 foot high cement wall. The kids lined up right next to the cement wall since the opening was right there. The little boy in front of the girls went up the slide and slid down. My girls then started to climb in just as the little boy cut back in front of them and the employee stuck her hand out to stop Layla from climbing in. 

Layla slipped and fell backwards. 

Thankfully she did not hit her head on the cement wall but I was livid. I had a backpack on and I was holding Malakai and could not get to Layla easily since there were other parents and kids in the way. (Note, not one of the other parents bent down to ask Layla if she was okay. They all just looked her. I could have strangled the parents and the employee. Common courtesy would be for someone nearby to ask her if she was okay! Instead I was stuck yelling across the slide at Sanaa asking her if Layla was okay.). Layla made her way to me crying but still wanted on the slide. I took her back over and put her right back next to Sanaa but now Layla was scared of the lady. I told her it would be okay and the lady wouldn't push her again. Then the employee claimed that she had not pushed Layla but just stuck her hand out to stop her. Seriously?!? 

I told the employee she needed to be more careful and she was lucky that Layla had not hit her head on the wall. I strongly suggested to her that the next time she wanted a child to wait that was climbing in she could help the child down instead sticking her arm out. I did report it to the director of the preschool but I doubt anything will happen. 

After that we met up with the girls friends Lexi and Brynli who had just arrived and went to look at the animals. This pumpkin patch was also a wild life refuge. So the girls not only got to see a petting zoo with sheep, goats, and llamas, but they also got to see tigers, bears, lions, kangaroos, wolves, and other wild animals. 

The girls tried to feed one of the llamas. The goats were quite hungry and kept trying to grab stuff from the girls. Sanaa really liked to pet the sheep.

Sanaa, Lexi, and Brynli in front of the lion's cage. The wild animals lived in rather small cages. I felt kind of bad for the animals. The animals at the zoo have more space to roam then these animals did and I can't imagine these animals having to spend the rest of their lives here. I know this place states that they rescue the animals but I don't know if this is just a holding place until they get moved to somewhere better or not. The girls did enjoy seeing these animals up close and Sanaa could hardly contain her excitement as we saw animal after animal.

We also took a "train" ride. It was basically a tractor pulling two trailers. I don't understand why they called it a train ride because it wasn't. We also weren't allowed to choose our pumpkins from the patch. Last year, the other pumpkin patch pre-picked a bunch of pumpkins and the kids could walk through them and pick what they wanted. They had different colors (white, orange) and we could choose one roughly the size of a soccer ball.

At this new pumpkin patch they also had pre-picked pumpkins and the girls had picked out the ones they wanted. My friend Cara went to get a wagon so we could put the pumpkins in it but was stopped by an employee who informed her that since we were with the church group that we couldn't pick from those pumpkins. Our pumpkins were the small ones in the large bin. The preschool director verified that. So even though we were told the kids would get to pick out a soccer ball sized pumpkin we came home with pumpkins much small than that.

So these pumpkins seriously look like they are soccer ball sized?

Next year, I'll go back to another pumpkin patch or I'll try a new one because I most definitely will not be returning to this one. Last night even Layla said she didn't want to go back to the pumpkin patch. I asked why and she said she didn't want to see that lady. I asked her which lady and she responded by saying the lady that pushed me. I was hoping that by looking at the animals and finding pumpkins that maybe, just maybe Layla wouldn't remember how our time at the pumpkin patch started.

Today she hasn't said anything about that lady at the pumpkin patch so I'm thankful for that. I did let the girls paint their pumpkins and they really enjoyed that.

Even Malakai had to get in on the action. However, I didn't not let him use paint. I let him decorate with markers. Malakai is into smearing things. Nearly every meal he will take his food and smear it all over the table and I wasn't about to let that happen with paint.

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