Monday, October 21, 2013

Drawing with chalk

We have had a lot of nice weather here the past few weeks which has resulted in us playing outside pretty much everyday. We spend a lot of time out front where the girls are either riding bikes, drawing with chalk, playing hide-n-seek with friends, or just running around like crazy. I've enjoyed seeing all the different chalk drawings they've done and figured I'd share some of what they've drawn with all you.

Even Malakai likes to scribble with chalk. The two biggest problems with him are that he likes to scribble right on top of where Sanaa and Layla are drawing and once he's done scribbling he likes to carry the chalk around in his mouth like a dog. If I chase him to take it away he starts giggling and thinks its a game.

This is Sanaa's drawing of grandma making some eggs.

While Sanaa drew grandma, Layla drew grandpa. It is fascinating watching the girls draw and see how they improve. Layla has just recently begun drawing people and she is very proud of herself.

After Sanaa drew grandma making eggs she decided she needed to add a stove under the pan which is what she is working on in the picture.

Once Layla was done drawing grandpa Malakai decided to go over and add some detail.

This was Sanaa's drawing of grandpa near a tree.

I'm glad we live at the end of a cul-d-sac since the girls are able to draw all over our drive way and the road.

Sanaa drew a watering can that was watering the flower that our neighbor drew.

Sanaa has recently started drawing hearts. She loves drawing hearts now and all the hearts you see in the picture were drawn by her. Some of the hearts she draws now are better than mine!

This was the large beaver that the girls drew together. It was hard to get a good picture of it since it was so long, but the beaver tail is just to the right of Layla. There are two short arms in the middle and then you can barely see the eyes and smile Sanaa drew on the head.

This was Sanaa's drawing of Nate, complete with a mustache and short beard. She also added some sky, a sun, a cloud, and little rain.

Along with hearts Sanaa has been drawing candy canes. I never know what she's going to start drawing so it's fun to see each day what she comes up with.

A very small picture of me drawn by Sanaa. Sanaa's writing has improved a lot since the beginning school.

Layla's drawing of our friend Rickie from Guatemala.

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