Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ballerinas and Princesses

Friday evening Sanaa was invited to a friend's birthday party. Evan, a boy from kindergarten, was turning 6. His mom was having a Halloween birthday party for him. Nate had to work late and so I emailed Evan's mom asking if it was okay to bring Layla and Malakai since I couldn't leave them at home. I knew Sanaa would probably not like being left alone at a friends house that she's never been to.  Evan's mom was very understanding so Layla got to attend as well. Since it was a Halloween party the kids were to come dressed up and there were going to be prizes for the best costumes. 

Layla had originally told me that she was going to be Alice in Wonderland (and she still says that she is going to be that for Halloween). However, an hour before we left for the party another friend called to invite the girls to attend a ballet class with them the next morning. Layla immediately got excited about ballet and found her ballet outfit that she wanted to wear to class. She insisted on wearing it to the birthday party as well. (In fact, Layla was so excited about ballet that she even slept in it! I could not get her to wear pjs. Oh, well. Some battles are just not worth fighting). I was surprised that she could still wear the ballet outfit since it's size is 18 months!

Sanaa went to the birthday party as Cinderella. She had to do two princess poses for me before the party. The best part of the evening was that Sanaa won the best girl costume at the party! She was very excited and came home with an extra bucket of goodies which she has shared very nicely with Layla.

Malakai thought the tulle on Layla's outfit was fun to play with and kept chasing Layla around trying to touch the tulle. He did pretty good at the party considering it was his bed time. I held him the entire time, so I was quite tired by the end.

I did come to one big realization at the birthday party. I have been so use to the girls attending a Christian preschool and going to birthday parties of friends that are believers that it didn't even cross my mind that we were attending the party of a friend from a public school at Halloween. When we pulled up to the house and I saw the front yard decorated with grave stones I immediately wondered if I should take the kids home. Of course it was too late because Sanaa and Layla were very excited. The spider decorations, moving hands, bowls with dry ice, and glowing eyes thankfully did not scare the girls too much. The moving hand scared Layla the first time she saw it but then she thought it was funny. I am still glad that we have Sanaa at a public school since we've gotten to meet a lot of new people. I'm also glad that we went to this party since it was a wakeup call for me that Sanaa is at a public school now and there will be many families there who do not have the same beliefs as us.

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