Tuesday, September 24, 2013

School days - bus ride, new friends, and a visit from Mr. Wolf

We are well into the routine of our school days. Sanaa's second week of school seemed harder on all of us because we were so tired after the first week. So I think we're all adjusting (slowly) to the earlier wake up time, the afternoon rest time, and the earlier bed time. 

Both Sanaa and Layla are loving school. Sanaa comes home from kindergarten full of energy. What is up with that? I thought kindergarten would wear her out more. Even Layla comes out of preschool all wound up. 

I think the best part of school is the new friends we've been meeting. Sanaa rides the bus home each day and there is one other child who gets off at the same spot. His name is Markus and he is in the other AM kindergarten class. Over these last 2 weeks I've gotten to know his mom and sister. His sister Naomi is 6 days older than Layla. Needless to say Layla and Naomi have hit it off. The best part is that Markus and Naomi live on the same street as us (just at the other end)! We often end up walking to school with them and we've already had one play date. Markus and Naomi's parents are from Romania, although they've lived here in the US for about 10 years. 

Each day when Sanaa gets home, all three kids plop down on the floor as Sanaa shows us what she worked on at school.

Yesterday, Sanaa got off the bus and was very excited because she got to bring Mr. Wolf home for the night! Her teacher Mrs. Wolf sends the stuffed animal home with each child in the class and they get a night with him. Their assignment is to play with Mr. Wolf and show him things. Then they have to print out (or draw) a picture of Mr. Wolf's time and write about it in Mr. Wolf's diary. So I took a lot of pictures of Mr. Wolf's visit and let Sanaa pick out 4 that we could print and put into Mr. Wolf's diary.

Mr. Wolf did a lot while he was here. Sanaa took him for a bike ride in our garage.

Mr. Wolf played in our tunnel with all three kids.

Mr. Wolf also got to play in the cat tunnel, although Sanaa informed me that Mr. Wolf didn't like that tunnel too much because it was small.

I over heard Sanaa introducing Mr. Wolf to some of her stuffed animals and when I checked on her I saw Mr. Wolf and the other animals sitting together.

Mr. Wolf finished the afternoon with a tea party that Sanaa made and a tour of our back yard.

Part of the tour of our back yard included a train ride on the rake with Layla acting as the conductor. Mr. Wolf was also taken for a walk by all three kids around our kitchen with a necklace as a leash and Sanaa made a special bed for him to sleep in her room.

I did take a picture of what Sanaa wrote in Mr. Wolf's diary. I helped her spell everything but she wrote it. It'll be fun to see how her writing changes throughout the year.

The next thing coming up for Sanaa is her Fun Run this Friday. It's the big fund raiser that her school does. The kids run laps and have friends and family either pay them for each lap they run or just give a flat amount. The Fun Run is going to occur rain or shine. Right now the forecast is partly sunny with a 10% chance of rain. We've had a lot of rain the past couple of days, so I'm hoping that Friday is rain free. I can't see how running in the rain would be fun.

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