Monday, September 9, 2013

Sanaa's first day of kindergarten

Sanaa's alarm went off at 6:30am and she came flying out of her room so excited that she was going to kindergarten! Sanaa normally doesn't get up until 7:30am or even 8:00am some days, so I honestly didn't know how this morning would go. She wanted to get dressed immediately and then she was ready to eat breakfast. I can only hope that most mornings go as smoothly as this morning went. Getting all three kids up and ready so we can have Sanaa to school before 8:00am is going to be a challenge. 

Nate had off today, so it was really nice to have him around this morning to help. Plus, it was fun that he got to come with us as we took Sanaa to school. 

Sanaa was one of the last kids to arrive. Yep. First day of school and we were a little late. It only took 2 minutes to drive to school. However, I was not prepared for the parking lot to be completely full and have to drive around trying to figure out where to park. I guess we'll leave a little earlier tomorrow.

When we entered her class I recognized one of the moms! Sanaa's friend Nicholas from preschool happens to be in her kindergarten class. I had talked with Nicholas' mom back in May and she had decided at the time to put Nicholas in the PM class but at some point this summer changed her mind. So, Sanaa has a friend she already knows in her class. That was a really neat surprise.

Sanaa's teacher Mrs. Wolf is really nice. This morning Sanaa had some extra time after she was all ready for school so she drew her teacher a picture. She gave it to Mrs. Wolf when we arrived and Mrs. Wolf was so excited to receive Sanaa's picture. There are some teachers that will just act nice and be polite when a child gives them a picture, but I really liked Mrs. Wolf's response and how excited she was. You could tell that Sanaa felt very appreciated and special by her teachers response to her drawing. I'm thinking it's going to be a really good year for Sanaa.

Sanaa didn't seem to mind at all when we left. I gave her a hug and she started coloring. She looked around at her new classmates, but she loves to color and got to work on her picture quickly.

I signed Sanaa up to ride the bus home from school each day. She gets dropped off about a block and a half from our house. She LOVED her bus ride. We're too close to the school for her to ride the bus in the mornings but because she is in kindergarten, the school has a special kindergarten route that will drop off the AM students and pick up the PM students and it doesn't matter how close or far you live. So we figured that at least for this year she could ride the bus home. Now I won't have to wait in the car pool lane until next year!

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