Friday, September 13, 2013

Layla's first day of preschool

Yesterday (Thursday) was Layla's first day at preschool. She is in the 3's class and was very excited. On Tuesday I took her to preschool for the 'meet the teacher' time and she had fun, except when "the mean boy" took away the airplane she was playing with. Since Layla is our second child she's had to learn to share from early on. However, many of her classmates are the oldest in their families and they have not learned how to share quite yet. So yesterday morning when I reminded her that she was going to preschool she said, "But is that mean boy going to be there?" I told her yes, but explained that some of her new friends had not had a lot of practice sharing and I asked her to help show her classmates how to share nicely. 

Her first day went well from what Layla told me. I wasn't able to pick her up from school. My friend Cara picked her up because Layla had a shorter day than normal. Layla and Sanaa were released from school at the same time (10:30am). Normally Sanaa will get out at 10:30am and Layla will get out at 11:25am. Layla thought it was the best surprised ever that Brynli's mommy picked her up from school (even though I told her about 4 times that Brynli's mommy was picking her up). 

Layla did tell me that she played in the gym and she tried to give the airplane to "the mean boy" but he didn't want to play with it. 

Before school I got some pictures of Layla. It took awhile because she had to read every letter to me. She knows all her letters really well (she knows her letters better than Sanaa!), so I won't be surprised if she starts reading this year as Sanaa learns to read.

After she finished reading the letters I tried to get her to smile and stop hiding her face.

After 5 minutes of pleading with her I finally got some good pictures of her.

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