Saturday, September 14, 2013

Guatemala - pt. 2, Bible Institute in Coban

We arrived in Coban at the Bible Institute Sunday evening. After we arrived my dad helped me empty our large suitcase and inspect every single piece of clothing for ants while some of the other team members (Rickie, Bethany, Nkele, and Monte) did the grocery shopping. The main building was built in 1949 and that is where they have some offices and classrooms along with the kitchen. 

This is an open hallway that we walked through from the front of the main building where we parked. The kitchen is the doorway on the left next to the bench. We had the kitchen completely to ourselves for the entire week we were there. We took turns making breakfast and dinner.

If you continue past the kitchen there is another building (the one directly in front of Sanaa) that I believe they may have had more classrooms in, but I'm not sure. If you took the path that goes off to the left near Sanaa that led down to the dorms where we stayed. Each family unit got their own room.

The team at breakfast. If you start with me on the left and move in a clockwise direction you have Tom, Rickie, Bethany, Monte, Bryan, Nkele, Sanaa, and Layla. My dad was the one taking the picture, so he's obviously not in it.

My dad made pancakes one morning. He told me not to take a picture of him since he doesn't want my mom to see that he can actually flip pancakes. But now his secret is out! Everyone liked his pancakes, so I guess he cooked them well.

Tom actually goes by Bub and Sanaa and Layla fell in love with him and his wife Rickie. Bub and Rickie have a little 2-year old grandson (who lives in the states with his parents) and another grandson on the way (due in November). So they were absolutely thrilled to spend the week loving on and playing with Sanaa and Layla.

 This is a picture of the dorm that we stayed in. Our room was at the very end and we had the biggest of the three rooms.

When you walked in the door and looked right you saw one set of bunk beds (where we laid out all our clothes, the sink (with no mirror) and the door to the bathroom.

On the other side was another set of bunk beds and that is where my dad slept. There was a second room with 4 more sets of bunk beds where the girls and I slept (it's right through the open door way).

We all slept on the bottom bunk and I used the top bunk to put our backpacks and stuff.

Overall, the girls did quite well sleeping. Each day was filled with so much activity that all of us were worn out, so sleep came easily. Many nights the girls were up until 9pm but surprisingly they were not that grumpy. The hardest part about sleeping was that there was a tin roof on the dorm. So when it rained, it was loud. When it poured, you could barely hear each other when talking. Thankfully, it only rained the first two nights.

The very first thing we learned in Guatemala was that we could not put the toilet paper in the toilet. I was told the water pressure wasn't strong enough to continually flush paper. So all the toilet paper went into the trash can. We forgot a couple of times and that's okay, except for my rule following oldest daughter. Sanaa nearly had a meltdown and was so worried that we forgot once to put the toilet paper in the trash can. I reassured that forgetting one time was okay and we wouldn't get into trouble or cause the toilet to break.

There was no bath tub, just a shower, but that's what I expected. The first night we were there I was looking forward to a shower, but decided to skip because I was just too tired. The next morning I found out from my dad that we had no hot water. Ugh. We were without hot water from Monday morning until Wednesday afternoon. Monday night I had to give the girls a shower and I desperately needed a shower as well since my last shower had been Saturday morning. The girls were troopers. They hated the cold shower but they got through it super fast and didn't complain all that much. On Tuesday I just washed their faces and arms. By Wednesday I was getting a little worried about having to take cold showers the entire week but when we got back from our work site we discovered they had fixed the shower for us. Yay! The girls were very excited about having a warm shower. At least until a rather large spider ran across the shower floor just as Layla was stepping into the shower scaring her to death. Grandpa came to rescue and killed that thing. But after that we had to do a close inspection of the shower before entering. The spider was probably 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches in diameter, so definitely bigger that the small ones I freak about in Oregon.

On Thursday Sanaa helped me hand wash a few pieces of clothing in the sink. She thought it was great! As we were washing my dad came in to tell me that the president of the Bible Institute was going  to take any laundry we needed to washed to a laundry mat. Woohoo! So I stopped washing at that point but Sanaa wanted to do more. So I let her finish washing some socks.

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