Sunday, September 8, 2013

Birthday trip to the beach

The day after my birthday we made a trip out to the beach with some friends. Lexi and Brynli are Sanaa and Layla's best friends right now. So Cara and I spend a good amount of time together. A week or so before my birthday I found out that Cara's birthday is only 4 days after mine. So we planned a last minute day trip to the beach with our families. We drove out to Pacific City on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. The beach was packed, which we expected, but we still had fun.

When we arrived the weather was nice and sunny. There was some fog in front of Haystack rock but I thought the fog was moving out. Nope. The fog actually rolled in so by early afternoon it was gray and foggy.

We saw many fishing boats come in. The boats speed in really fast so that they slide across the sand as far as possible. Then the owners back their trucks up and load their boats onto the trailers. It was fun to watch (and nosy, since the boats constantly blew their horns to warn people that they were coming in).

A picture of Cara and I and 5 of our 6 kids. Nate was holding Malakai and taking the picture. It's fun showing up at parks with Cara and our six kids because other moms will do a double take and then ask if all the kids are ours or whether we run a day care.

Sanaa and Layla were actually brave enough to put their feet in the water and let the waves crash against them. The past few times we've gone they've been really afraid of the water. But this time (and I think it's because they were with friends) that they thought the waves were a lot of fun.

The girls also found a small cave that they wanted to explore. I couldn't get Layla to look for this first picture.

And then Layla had to make a weird face for the next picture.

Malakai also really enjoyed his time at the beach. He missed his afternoon nap and I had really hoped that he would fall asleep with either Nate or I holding him. But he was so engrossed in digging in the sand that he had no time to nap. Even though he missed his nap he was still in a pretty good mood by dinner time. Of course, he fell asleep immediately on the drive home.

Once the girls go their feet wet in the waves we couldn't keep them out of the water. The coolness of the day did not stop them from swimming in their clothes. They would come out of the water shivering and we'd wrap a towel around them. But then a minute or so later they claimed they were warm enough and back in the water they went.

Sanaa and Lexi also practiced writing their names in the sand. Layla tried to write her name but gave up quickly and decided playing in the water was more fun.

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