Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mt. Hood vacation, pt. 4 - Timberline lodge and random pictures

After we spent a few hours at Trillium lake we left and drove over to Timberline lodge. Nate and his parents had never been there. There was still some snow on the ground (although quite dirty) and the girls loved that. Malakai wasn't too sure about the snow and I realized that this was actually his very first experience with snow. We didn't get much more than snow flurries during this past winter and since Malakai was only about 6-8 months old during the winter he had no idea what snow even was.

This was the best picture of Malakai and I with Mt. Hood in the background. He wasn't too happy that I was holding him since he really wanted down so he could explore.

Malakai touching snow for the first time. He didn't play with it for very long and lost interest. I'm pretty sure it was because it was cold to the touch and he didn't like that.

And finally here are some random pictures that didn't really make it anywhere else that were taken while we were at Mt. Hood.

Sanaa loved looking out the window at the birds during meal time. She would get distracted fairly easily and ask me what kind of bird was out there. I rarely knew what the bird was.

Sanaa hiding in the ferns. Can you see her?

And then there were three kids hiding in the ferns.

I also took some pictures of me with each kid. I realized I'm rarely in photos and figured I should start taking some pictures of me with the kids.

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