Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mt. Hood vacation, pt. 3 - Trillium Lake

On of the days while at Mt. Hood we drove to Trillium Lake where we had a picnic, walked around, and let the girls play in the water. It was beautiful and the girls were not ready to leave when it was time.

Gramma Carol tried to get Malakai to walk a little bit but he was not happy about it.

We saw a lot of ducks swimming and the girls were able to get fairly close to them.

Sanaa pretending to fish in the lake by using a stick.

On our walk we came across some large stumps. Sanaa said this was another castle for them to play in.

Nate and Malakai with Mt. Hood in the back ground.

I didn't have the girls swimming suits along so I let them swim in their clothes. I had packed extra outfits for each of them. They had a great time and Sanaa asked me to pack her swim suit the next time we go to the lake. I wasn't expecting it to be so warm up at Mt. Hood so I didn't even think about packing their swim suits.

Malakai hanging out in the shade and playing in the dirt.

It looks like Sanaa and Layla are swimming. However, the water was shallow enough that they could walk on their hands. They had fun pretending they were sharks coming up to get us.

A shot of Sanaa and Layla with Mt. Hood in the back ground.

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