Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mt. Hood vacation, pt. 2 - hiking and the great outdoors

While at Mt. Hood we got to spend a great deal of time outside hiking and exploring. Sanaa and Layla enjoyed our short hikes but really enjoyed playing in the stream near our cabin the best.

All set with sunglasses and a walking stick for our first short hike.

We borrowed a back pack carrier from my sister-in-law and Malakai actually enjoyed riding in it.

The first trail we tried didn't get us very far since it was quite muddy but we still had fun exploring around our cabin.

Sanaa and Layla were fascinated with all the streams near us.

This is the bridge just to the side of the cabin we stayed in that went over a stream. It was quite narrow.

This is the stream under the narrow bridge that Sanaa and Layla spent a lot of time playing in.

They also had some "boat" races down the stream and used pieces of wood that floated.

We didn't let Malakai play near the stream but there was a fire pit area on the other side of our cabin that Malakai enjoyed playing near. He was really fascinated with a log that had a crack on it. He discovered that some things were small and could fit in the crack and spent a lot of time experimenting on what fit and what didn't.

He also played in the "castle" as Sanaa called it. It was a group of trees that created a fort like atmosphere.

On many of our hikes Malakai took the opportunity to nap on Nate.

Layla was a lucky girl and got a piggy back ride from papa Gene when she got tired of walking.

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