Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Malakai is walking! And climbing.... and getting into so much mischief.

A couple days before the girls and I returned home from Guatemala Malakai took his first steps. I fully expected that to happen since he was close to taking some steps before I left. He took 4 steps two days before we came home. After I was home he continued to take 2-4 steps between furniture and toys. Then about a week and a half ago he increased the number of steps to about 10. Malakai is very proud of himself and his new ability to walk. I think he finally discovered that walking makes it much easier to carry stuff around. So now he's almost always holding something while taking a few steps. 

As I was putting groceries away this morning Malakai pulled the chocolate covered pretzels out of the pantry and walked half way across the room while holding them.

Malakai also loves bubbles! If you don't let him have his own bubble wand he will throw a fit.

Climbing up on our dining table is another of Malakai's new accomplishments. We have to make sure that all chairs are completely pushed in otherwise he will squeeze into the smallest spot and worm his way up onto the table. This morning Nate took a picture of Malakai attempting to climb the back of the dining chair. Definitely not a good idea on Malakai's part.

Outside he climbs anything he can find. Tree stumps (left by the previous owners), our slide, or the kids' picnic table.

One afternoon I lost Malakai while we were in the back yard. Layla needed some help and while I had my back turned Malakai disappeared. I then spotted him inside. He noticed that I still haven't fixed the screen so he just pushed the screen aside and followed Sanaa inside. Once he saw that she wasn't doing anything interesting he climbed back outside.

Sanaa and Layla have been wanting to work on their school books (kindergarten and preschool). Any time the girls work on something at the table Malakai finds a way to climb up and "help" them. Sanaa has another kindergarten assessment next week (Sept 5). The first assessment she had was to place her in one of the kindergarten classes. This second assessment will be more thorough and give her teacher an idea of where she is academically when she begins school on Sept 9. Sanaa will be in the AM class and her teacher is Mrs. Wolf. This Thursday we will be going to school to meet her teacher at something called Lemonade in the Shade.

Last week we spent time with the girls' friends Lexi and Brynli. (Layla and Brynli are going to be in the same preschool class! Both girls are very excited.) We went to a couple different parks. Malakai really enjoyed himself and climbing on all the play structures as well as going down the slides. He really doesn't have any fear right now.

Malakai's first time "driving" the shopping cart. He loved it! However, he would not stay seated very long and kept climbing around. The silly seat belt didn't hold him in and he would wiggle his way out.

One evening as I was cleaning up the bathroom after bath time I heard Sanaa yell, "Hey mom! Come see what we're doing with Malakai." I found the girls giving Malakai rides around the kitchen in the laundry basket. He was laughing and giggling. Once he got tired Sanaa then pushed Layla for a little bit.

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