Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just checking in

I know many family members are waiting to hear about our trip to Guatemala and that is coming. I promise. I'm just swamped right now and have a big to-do list where I've had to prioritize things.

The MOPS program at our church is getting ready to start back up on September 11. Two days after I arrived home from Guatemala I found out one of the other MOPS leaders would not be able to return this fall. We only had 3 of us leaders and now we're down to 2 of us. We do also get help from our Mentor Mom and Children's Pastor, but a lot of the detailed stuff (such as editing the documents to include in the welcome packet for the moms) falls on me and the other leader. So we're scrambling to get stuff done before the first meeting.

Along with that, I'm getting ready for another consignment sale that begins on September 5. Nate asked why I can't just skip this one and the answer is because at the fall sale I can sell the winter clothing. They don't accept winter clothing at the spring sale and I'd really like to get rid of the winter clothing the kids have outgrown. I don't want to hang onto this stuff for another year waiting for the next fall sale.

I've also been busy taking the girls out to meet friends for play dates. I can't really keep them cooped up all day since they start fighting and getting into mischief.

On top of that, Malakai has yet another ear infection. He's had it for about a month now so we're doing ear drops with an oral antibiotic to try and get rid of the infection once and for all. We just treated an infection in his left ear back in July and now he has one in his right ear. The poor kid just can't get rid of them, even with tubes!

Also, Nate and I are now sharing a computer. Layla accidentally gave my lap top a small water bath the week before we left for Guatemala. She apologized for breaking my computer but as Nate put it, a few drops of water managed to hit the sweet spot where the fan was. The fan then sprayed those few drops all over the logic board short circuiting everything. The computer was dead. Since Nate teaches every Sunday, he typically gets priority with the computer when he needs to get his lesson done.

Oh, and we're still a one car family. We were going to buy a van from one of Nate's co-workers and Nate actually got the van while I was in Guatemala. However, he took it into the mechanic to get an inspection and the mechanic found so many problems that we returned the van. Nate's co-worker didn't realize so much was wrong with it but there's at least $2000 worth of repairs to make on it.

So, we're doing a juggling act around here. I hope things settle down soon. But I do promise to get some Guatemala posts up. I really want to share about our experiences and show you all some pictures.

Thanks for being patient!

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