Sunday, July 7, 2013

The girls splish splash birthday party

The day before Sanaa's 5th birthday I held a combined birthday party for both girls. They currently have the same friends and while we had a lot of people at the party it was easier to plan one large party than two smaller parties. We had about 16 kids and 18 adults. I honestly wasn't sure everyone would fit in the backyard. But they did! All the kids had a blast and Sanaa and Layla really enjoyed themselves.

Here is the set up before hand. I borrowed my parents outdoor umbrella and folding table to make more room on the deck for the kids to sit and eat.

We had a slip 'n' slide set up along side the deck and then a pool off to the side.

To make the pool a little more fun I had Nate help me put the slide into the pool. The kids loved it!

I also set up a bubble blowing station by using our small water table and then I used our turtle sandbox to hold water for Malakai and my niece Ariana to play in. I wanted to keep Malakai and Ariana separate from the bigger kids so that they didn't get run over and could enjoy the water as well.

Here is a shot of all the kids eating some lunch. I served pb&j for the kids with chips, carrots, celery, watermelon, and cantaloupe. For the adults I had BBQ pulled chicken and BBQ pulled pork in crockpots. My mom brought the BBQ pulled pork and fruit which was wonderful. I let the kids play in the pool and on the slip 'n' slide for about 45 minutes and then served lunch.

After most of the kids had finished eating we brought out the birthday cakes. Sanaa had a chocolate cake and Layla had a strawberry cake. Sanaa was a wonderful hostess and while I sliced the cake she shared her chocolate rainbow with all of her friends. Once everyone was served I looked around for Sanaa and discovered she still hadn't had her slice of cake. She was too busy taking care of her friends. I thought that was awesome!

After the birthday cake and ice cream we finished the party by pulling out some water balloons which Nate's parents filled and tied the morning of the party!

As a party favor the girls' friends got to take home a pull-string piñata that I made out of cereal boxes and tissue paper that we had. Of course, everyone thought the piñatas were a lot of fun. I don't plan to ever make them again for such a large party but for a smaller party I might.

Now the busy birthday month has come to end and I have a good year to plan for next year. Haha! I think next year will stick with a small party and maybe hold a large party every other year or so.

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