Friday, July 12, 2013

Sanaa's 5 year check up

This morning Sanaa had her 5 year check up and it was the hardest doctor's visit I've had. She is growing fine and her development (according to the questionnaire I filled out) shows that she's well above the cutoff in all areas of development. It was the end of the appointment when she got her shots that was hard. But we'll get to that in a moment.

At the appointment Sanaa did quite well and answered most of the questions the doctor asked her. I had to keep asking Sanaa to stop looking at the books and answer the doctor's questions but the doctor just laughed and said having trouble keeping her away from books was a good problem to have. 

Sanaa had her vision and hearing tested. Her eye sight is 25/20 which the nurse said is completely normal for her age group. Her passed the hearing test as well.

She is 3 feet 5 1/2 inches tall (36th percentile) and now weighs 42 pounds (66th percentile).

Sanaa really enjoyed filling out the questionnaire with me since there were items she had to draw or write. One item asked her to draw a person. Below is what she drew. The doctor loved it and said it reminded of her of a puppet. The doctor pulled up a picture of the puppet (or cartoon character) online and Sanaa's drawing did resemble the character. But I can't remember what the character was called so I can't find the picture online to show you. Bummer. It was one I had never heard of. The doctor asked Sanaa if she could keep her drawing but Sanaa said no, so then the doctor asked if she could make a photo copy of it. I'm not sure what the doctor will do with her copy but I think that made Sanaa feel pretty special that the doctor liked her drawing that much. We have a great doctor and I love how she makes each of our kids feel special and I love how she acts as though she has all the time in the world to discuss any issues I might have. I don't feel rushed at all with her like I have with other pediatricians.

Anyway, the end of the visit did not go so well and was quite traumatizing. Sanaa needed to get 4 shots for kindergarten and she had been worried all morning about it. I tried my best to calm her fears but once the nurse walked in with the shots I couldn't do or say anything to get Sanaa to calm down. Since I was holding Malakai in my sling (he's sick and won't let me put him down at all) a second nurse was called in to help hold Sanaa down. It was awful. Sanaa screamed and fought with all her might and I was close to tears myself. I'm use to my kids crying with shots but I was not prepared for her to fight so hard. I have a bad feeling that all future check ups where she needs shots are going to be very very hard. As Sanaa screamed, Layla hid in a corner and covered her ears and Malakai started crying as well. It was not fun at all.

We have also entered a new stage of emotional development with Sanaa, empathy. Recently, if something happens to either Layla or Malakai that causes them pain Sanaa will start crying. For example, earlier this week Layla had really bad ear pain. I had ear drops from a previous appointment and started to put those in her ears. Of course Layla was crying and then Sanaa started sobbing and saying, "Mommy please stop. Mommy don't put ear drops in her ears. Mommy stop! Mommy your hurting her!" While we were at Mt. Hood, Layla also stuck a green bead in her nose and nearly got it stuck. That scared Sanaa as well and she cried just as much as Layla cried. When Malakai needed shots at his 12 month appointment, Sanaa covered her ears and almost started crying telling me that we were hurting Malakai. I know this is an important stage of development but it is so hard to reassure her that everyone will be fine.

Layla is starting to show some empathy as well but it's not too the extreme that Sanaa is and I think some of it has to do with the fact that Layla copies some of Sanaa's behaviors. So it's hard to tell how much of what Layla is doing is true empathy or more because she's copying Sanaa.

Finally, here is a picture of Sanaa in the flamingo shirt aunt Karen gave her. I figured at least one light-hearted fun picture should be included in this post. Sanaa sure loves flamingos! She'd probably wear this shirt everyday if I let her.

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