Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sanaa and Layla's My Little Pony birthday cake

Since we did one combined birthday party for the girls I held off on making Layla's birthday cake until the party. The girls really enjoy watching My Little Pony and wanted a My Little Pony cake. I found an idea on Pinterest and adapted it for the girls. The cake that I saw (which I based the girls cake on) was two round cakes with one large rainbow connecting the cakes. I didn't feel like making a large rainbow and figured the girls would prefer to have their own rainbows.

I made the rainbow out of modeling chocolate. This was the first time I've ever worked with modeling chocolate and it was so easy! I'll definitely be using modeling chocolate more often in the future. Modeling chocolate is melted chocolate mixed with corn syrup. You can then shape it how you want and it'll harden and keep its shape. If you use white chocolate you have the option of coloring it, which is what I did for the rainbows.

I put toothpicks on the end of the rainbows so that they had some support to stand up on the cake.

I decorated cakes pretty much identical. However, they each picked a different color for the flowers and their name. Sanaa wanted pink and Layla wanted red.

To finish the cakes I added a pony from the girls collection and stuck the rainbow on. Sanaa chose Princess Cadance. However, Sanaa will inform you that the full name of the pony is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

(Note from Nate: As any true My Little Pony fan will tell you, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is the full name of the Princess while "Cadance" is what Twilight Sparkle knows her as when Cadance was her foalsitter. Obviously! Because what Pony Princess would just be named Cadance? .... Oh dear. What have I become?)

Layla picked Apple Bloom and Scootaloo for her cake.

Layla had a strawberry cake and Sanaa had a chocolate cake. Since the rainbows were made from modeling chocolate they were completely edible and quite yummy. Sanaa pulled her rainbow apart and shared it with all of her friends at the party.

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