Friday, July 19, 2013

Mt. Hood vacation, part 1 - the cabin

At the beginning of July when Nate's parents were here visiting we drove to Mt. Hood and spent 4 nights in a wonderful cabin. It was located near Government Camp (yes, that's the name of the town) and we really enjoyed our time there. The owners had pictures of the cabin during the winter and the snow was so deep it came up to the deck where you enter the house. In fact, we read that during the winter you can only ski in and ski out. 

Below is the front of the cabin. There were 3 levels. Nate, Malakai and I used the two bedrooms on the bottom floor. Nate's parents slept in the bedroom on the main floor and the girls had their own space on the 3rd floor which was one giant room with 3 beds (two full size beds and one twin size bed).

Malakai enjoyed exploring and looking out the windows when we arrived.

Sanaa and Layla ran around the cabin exploring and then we let them watch a little tv as we unpacked and settled in.

The next three pictures I took while standing at the front door.

The front deck was really nice. There were a lot of bird feeders surrounding the deck and we got to watch many birds and chipmunks eat.

While it would have been nice to eat outside, the table and bench were on wheels! It wasn't safe at all for our kids to eat at so we stayed inside.

The girls room. The first night was pretty rough and they had a hard time settling down. I lost count how many times Nate and I had to go up. The light really bothered them and they weren't about to sleep while it was light out. I think Layla finally fell asleep around 9pm and Sanaa may have fallen asleep around 9:30. However, they both woke up 2-3 times during the night and stumbling walking from the bottom floor up two flights of steps to see what they needed or calm them down from crying was not fun. Thankfully the rest of the nights there were a little better.

The stack of books in the room that Sanaa and Layla shared was amazing. Sanaa loved it and spent a lot of time looking at all the books. We also spent a lot of time reading with the girls.

The girls also enjoyed sliding the down the stairs. Even Malakai enjoyed the stairs and we had to keep a close eye on him because he would disappear and begin climbing the stairs. There was one baby gate to block the stairs to the bottom floor and there was a door that we could close to the stairs that led to the third floor. However, we discovered on the second or third day when Malakai pushed on the door that it didn't actually latch and he would keep going over to the door and opening it!

One of the many bird feeders.

Each day Papa Gene fed the birds and Sanaa helped. She really enjoyed helping.

Even Layla got to help put some suet in a bird feeder.

The chipmunks came to eat frequently and the girls had fun watching them. They would often let me know when birds were at the feeder so I could try and get a picture but I was never fast enough.

I did get lucky one afternoon while the girls were off exploring with Papa Gene and Gramma Carol and  got a picture of a hummingbird. Hopefully you can see it off to the right of the feeder.

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