Friday, July 26, 2013

More loss...

These past few weeks leading up to our trip to Guatemala have been rough and stressful. I wrote earlier about Nate's car dying and the kids being sick for two weeks straight. This week the kids were finally better (however I'm not so sure about Malakai since he's started pulling at his ears again and has had a hard time sleeping today).

We've been a one car family for about three weeks now and it's not been fun at all since it really extends Nate's day. When he works he's basically gone for 12-13 hours. If I can pick him up or drop him off to meet his train then he's only gone for 12 hours, otherwise he's gone for at least 13 hours. We were expecting to buy a used van from one of Nate's co-workers over the weekend but the battery in the van died and he couldn't drive it to work to give it to Nate. Nate's co-worker is going to get a new battery in the van for us on his next day off and hopefully we'll have the van just before the girls and I leave for Guatemala.

Then yesterday I received an email that someone I cared for had passed away on Tuesday. Rich Krane was a wonderful man. He went by Jagi and was Cole and Dylan's grandpa. Cole and Dylan were the two children I took care of when I worked as a nanny. His death was unexpected even though I knew his health was bad. I spent a lot of time with Rich when Cole was young and he was the easiest person to talk to. I never heard a mean comment come out his mouth and he always knew how to make someone feel valued. He constantly complimented me and told me what a good job I did taking care of Cole and Dylan. We spent a lot of time going to parks, Target, or Chucky Cheese. Before Dylan was born, Cole and I went out with Jagi once a week. When I had Sanaa and stopped working for the Weitzul family, Rich continued to call me every now and then to say hi and let me know he missed our time together. I would then find out that he and Cole were at Target and they were reminiscing about all the times the three of us would go to Target together. A couple of months ago Rich called and I'm so glad I answered the call. Rich called at a time that wasn't the best but I answered it anyway. I had no idea that it would be the last time I would talk with Rich. I think knowing that makes me more aware that I need to stop getting so caught up with my to do list or whatever else I think is important and take the call from someone that is important to me. My to do list will never end but the opportunities to talk with those I care about will end. I am going to miss Rich's unexpected calls a great deal.

Today wasn't much better. For one, Rich and the memories I have of him were on my mind a lot. But this afternoon my computer died. It's dead. It won't turn on. Layla spilled a cup of water that flowed under a binder and then to the computer. According to Nate the water hit the sweet spot and short circuited the entire logic board and power system. My computer is gone. Thankfully I had backed it up fairly recently and don't think I lost much. However it's just one more bad thing to add to my list of difficult and frustrating things these past few weeks.

I do hope to get the rest of our Mt. Hood vacation up before the girls and I leave for Guatemala but I guess we'll just see if that happens or not.

Nate was able to take my back up and load it onto his computer so for the time being we'll be sharing a computer. I'm doing this post from an iPad but I don't have access to my pictures. Luckily the pictures are now on Nate's computer so I can do write blog posts from there when he's not working on his Sunday school lesson.

All that to say I really wonder how Guatemala is going to go. So many frustrating/hard things have happened (car dying, sick kids, death of a friend, computer dying) these past few weeks that  it makes me wonder if Satan is attempting to make me second guess going on this trip.

We leave a week from today. I'm anxious about the trip to Guatemala that the girls and I are going on. I've been praying that we are an encouragement to those we meet and that we all stay healthy.

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