Monday, July 8, 2013

Bye, bye Saturn and bye, bye Nate's childhood home

My intention today was to do some posts about our week at Mt. Hood with my in-laws, but today was a rough day. We started the morning with Nate dropping his car off at the shop. We had trouble with it starting on Friday and Saturday. We hoped it would just be a bad battery but no such luck.

The mechanic ran a diagnosis on it and 4 diagnostic codes came back as not working. Ugh. On top of that they discovered the radiator was leaking. Just dandy. After testing the car and diagnosing it for most of the morning the mechanic called to give Nate a quote of $550 to fix the radiator and the one code they believed was causing the other three codes to malfunction. Nate and I talked and thought about things for a few hours and made the decision to sell the Saturn as is to the mechanic and become a one car family.

The decision wasn't easy but seeing as how the 4 diagnostic codes and radiator were not the only things wrong with the car helped us make our decision. A couple of months ago both windows on the driver's side stopped working. We got a quote of $350 for that since it was the window motor that was broken.

We chose to not have that fixed because the a/c still worked and most of the time it rains in Oregon so it's not like Nate is going to have his windows open anyway.

Not long after that Nate discovered that his a/c stopped working. At the time we didn't even bother getting that checked out because the passenger side windows still worked and since Nate doesn't drive his car that far he would be fine without a/c.

Last weekend Nate's parents arrived and his dad went with him to have the a/c looked at and see what was needed to repair it. We found out that the compressor was broken.

This was basically the final straw and we couldn't see putting all this money towards the car anymore. We had an especially hard time swallowing the idea of spending $550 when the mechanic wasn't even 100% sure all 4 diagnostic codes would begin working okay after repairing the one issue. If the other 3 codes continued to test as malfunctioning then the car would fail the DEQ test in a couple of months and we'd have to take it back to the shop. (Note from Nate: For our non-Oregonian friends, the DEQ test is an Emissions inspection that Oregonians have to subject their car to every 2 years to get our registration renewed).

So, bye, bye Saturn.

And that wasn't even the worst part of our day........

After dropping off the Saturn this morning we drove to the grocery store. While there Nate received a text from his mom letting us know that a pipe had burst in their downstairs bathroom flooding the entire first floor of their home. Their housecleaner discovered it this morning. At first I just thought the carpet was soggy but it was much, much worse.

Essentially, their home is unlivable for the foreseeable future. And they are dealing with all of this while on "vacation" in California.

All I know is that since there was so much water sitting in the house for an entire week, some of the walls may need to be torn out. The kitchen flooring was floating on top of the water, the furniture is destroyed, and there is even some damage to the garage. If you've ever been inside my in-laws home you probably remember how large their downstairs area was. So there was A LOT of water sitting there. We also heard that the force of the water from the pipe was so strong that the water shot straight up and we have no idea what (if any) damage was done to their upstairs.

I have had the worst pit in my stomach all day just thinking about my in-laws home and what they'll be returning to. Losing our car today seems very minor to losing your home. The assessor said that on the scale he has in regards to water damage, the damage done to the home was the worst that it could be. So as you think of Nate's parents over these next few days and weeks please pray for them.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll start the posts about our wonderful time at Mt. Hood.

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