Monday, July 15, 2013

An ear infection and viral conjunctivitis

This afternoon Nate took Malakai to the pediatrician. Malakai's right ear started oozing some drainage over the weekend and it wasn't clearing up. Since the girls had never had drainage ooze from their ears it concerned us some. However, it turns out the oozing ear is just fine! The drainage coming out is the tube keeping his ear clear and free of any ear infection. His left ear is a different story.... that ear has an infection and is nice and red. So we learned something new today about ears and drainage. I seriously would not have guessed that Malakai had an ear infection in the ear that is not draining.

Malakai also has viral conjunctivitis (pink eye that has resulted from his cold). We can't do anything about this and have to just let it run its course. Poor guy. His eyes aren't red at all but they have had the goop coming from them.

He is still coughing a lot and having some trouble sleeping. His cough seems to wake him up but most of the time he goes back to sleep by himself.

The pediatrician did tell Nate that if Malakai begins to run a fever or he begins to have some respiratory problems (his breathing sounds worse) then we need to take him back to the doctor. The pediatrician has seen many children recently who have developed pneumonia so hopefully that doesn't happen to Malakai and he'll start getting better tomorrow.

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