Saturday, July 13, 2013

A long week with 3 sick kids

It definitely wasn't enough that Nate's car broke and we decided not to repair it. Nope. All three kids got sick with a summer cold. Sanaa has been coughing for nearly 2 weeks but is finally doing better. Layla started coughing at the end of last week and steadily got worse this week with Wednesday night being really rough with her. Wednesday afternoon Malakai started getting cranky and coughing and Wednesday night was rough with him too. So three cranky, sick kids + one tired mommy = a very long week ending with a very cranky mommy.

The girls are doing better. Wednesday night I thought Layla had an ear infection because she was crying hysterically and kept complaining about her ears. I used ear drops that I had and it didn't seem to help much. So then I got desperate and started looking up home remedies. I ended up making some garlic oil (I just warmed up vegetable oil and let a clove of garlic soak in it until she woke up again which was about 30 minutes later) and then gently massaged it around the outside of her ear which surprisingly had a calming effect on her. I read that you could put a drop or two in the ear but I wasn't going to try that. I was more hoping that massaging and gently (very, very gently) pulling on her ear lobe would help move the fluid out of her ear. Layla did end up sleeping from 11pm-7am and Thursday morning she didn't complain about her ears at all. So something worked. I'm just not sure what! 

The picture below was taken Tuesday evening before the week got worse with three sick kids. If I sit or lay on the floor I'm basically giving Malakai permission to climb all over me.

Wednesday morning I met a friend with her 3 kids at the splash park. Sanaa, Layla, and Malakai loved it! They were quite worn out from playing so hard.

Then Wednesday late afternoon and evening Malakai looked like this most of the time. Cranky and crying. I couldn't put him down at all since that led to full on tantrums and screaming.

Thursday his eyes started getting goopy and he today he still looks like this at times. He's doing a little better since he's started having a few moments where he'll actually play and I don't have to hold him, but those are only moments.

During some of the moments where Malakai is happy, he has learned how to crawl up on the trundle bed in his room.

He spent a little time sweeping my bathroom.

He discovered the knobs on the stove and got very angry when I moved him away. That resulted in a massive meltdown and then I was stuck holding him again.

He also decided he would try and follow his sisters up the bunk bed but thankfully didn't make it past the first rung.

Today he figured out how to use a chair to climb onto his sisters little folding table and made the huge discovery of the cluttered counter. The expression on his face almost seemed to say, "Wow! I've hit the jackpot."

He then gave me a look as if to say, "What? I'm not doing anything wrong."

I ended putting the chairs on top of our dining table so that Malakai would stay off the folding table but he wasn't done climbing. He finished the morning by pushing my laundry basket around and then climbed in it.

And he was very proud that he found the marker lid that he had dropped in the laundry basket.

So yes, he's been a cranky, sick little guy but after he gets his dose of Ibuprofen or Tylenol he's ready to get into mischief for a few minutes. I'm just hoping that tonight all the kids sleep all night long. Layla has been waking up in the middle of the night crying because her eyes get stuck shut with goop and Sanaa has been waking me up because a bug bite is bothering her.

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