Sunday, June 23, 2013

The beach ball cake

Making Malakai's beach ball cake was probably the easiest cake I've made for one of our children's birthdays so far. I just baked a normal round cake and covered it with white icing. To create the beach ball on top I traced one of the cake pans on a piece of paper and cut that circle out.

I then used my sprinkle container to trace a small circle inside the larger circle that was slightly off center.

Next I free-handed the beach ball lines so my paper looked like a beach ball. I cut along each line from the edge of the paper up to the small circle but did not cut around the small circle. This made flaps that I could bend up making it easier to get sprinkles only on certain sections of the cake.

I then gently placed the paper on top of my cake and lifted the different flaps to add my sprinkles. I saw a suggestion online to use wax paper or even parchment paper but I had just run out of both so used plain paper. If I made a beach ball again I would use wax paper since the regular paper started to stick to the icing. But it wasn't a big problem for me since I was covering the cake with sprinkles.

Once I was done adding the sprinkles I removed the paper and added a little more white icing to the small white circle area.

I finished the cake by outlining the beach ball with more white icing and putting more sprinkles on the side of the cake. It probably took me 10 minutes to decorate. I still struggle with writing in icing, but hopefully someday I'll get better at that.

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