Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swimming lessons

Sanaa and Layla started swimming lessons today. They'll be going two times a week until the end of July. This is Layla's first time to take swimming lessons that is not a mommy and me class. Both girls were very excited about swimming and couldn't wait to get in the pool. When Sanaa had her very first lesson she cried through about half of it and I was wondering if Layla would be the same way since I wouldn't be with her in the water. But Layla had no fear of the water. It was actually a bit nerve racking to watch. The kids stand on a table in the water and hold onto the side of the pool when the teacher isn't working them. Layla kept letting go of the side of the pool and bouncing around. The life guard and teacher had to remind Layla many times to hold onto the side of the pool. Even Sanaa was bouncing around and letting go of the side. However, Sanaa didn't receive as many reminders as Layla did.

The girls are both in Level 1 but have different teachers. Layla is with the beginners and younger kids in Level 1 and Sanaa is with the older kids in Level 1.

I was getting ready to take a picture of Sanaa (who is in the middle of pool) and then noticed that Layla's teacher was working with Layla at the same time. So I got both girls in the same picture. When we left both Sanaa and Layla asked when we'd be returning. Hopefully at their next lesson they listen better and hold onto the side of the pool. 

My mom would say that Layla is just like me in regards to water. When I was little my parents had to make sure I had my floaties on my arms before they walked out of the apartment because I would just run and jump in the pool without waiting on them. 

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