Monday, June 3, 2013

Rainy days

Last week we had a rainy week. It rained or at least was cool and cloudy every day. It was also Sanaa's first week out of school for the summer and the girls were beginning to get some cabin fever. We spent a lot of time running errands and playing inside but the girls also enjoyed some outside time in the rain.

After one really heavy rain the girls saw all the water running down the side of the road and decided it was a river. They started floating our newspaper down the "river" but once it got too heavy and soggy they started floating flowers, sticks, and small toys down the "river."

Splashing in the water and playing in the rain. The girls told me they were going to shower outside in the rain and that they didn't need a bath.

We found a snail crawling across the sidewalk. The girls decided they had to keep it. It's been in our backyard in various containers for the past week. A few times they've lost it only to find it a day or so later.

One day I helped the girls build a big fort in the living room. It didn't stay up very well but they sure enjoyed it.

Even Malakai had fun crawling inside the fort. He wasn't too happy with Sanaa holding him while I snapped a quick picture of the three of them in their fort.

We also tried an experiment that I saw on the internet. We used washable markers to draw on paper and then set the paper outside in the rain. I didn't think about taking a picture of the ones that Layla and I made but I did get a shot of Sanaa's drawing before, during, and after.

Sanaa's drawing sitting in the rain.

Sanaa's drawing after we brought it inside. I left my picture out too long and most of the color got washed off so I made sure to bring Sanaa's picture in sooner.

The kids also spent time playing instruments. Of course they had to use my pots.

Malakai is obsessed with this one pot. He pulls it out of the cabinet every day and crawls around with it. Maybe he likes it because it's shiny. Who knows.

And finally, the girls got a new picnic table from Uncle Caleb and Aunt Sarah for their birthdays. It hasn't mattered that it's rained some, they still had to eat outside so they've had a few picnics in the rain at their new table.

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Karen said...

and then there was the ill-fated zoo trip last week too...