Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our ill-fated zoo trip

About 2 weeks ago (at the end of May) the kids and I made a trip to the zoo with grandma Lind, aunt Karen, and cousin Ariana. We picked that week because the schools around here were still in session and we wanted to go when the zoo wasn't very busy. We figured that once school was out the zoo would become busier and less enjoyable.

Boy were we wrong. We managed to pick a day that many schools in the area had their zoo field trip day. The zoo was packed! When I pulled into the parking lot and saw all the buses lined up I knew it would be busier than usual but hoped that once we were past the main gate area the crowds would thin out.

No such luck. Every single exhibit we walked to was packed with kids. It was so stressful keeping an eye on Sanaa and Layla and making sure they didn't get lost. Aunt Karen, grandma, and Ariana left shortly after 12 to head home. I stayed a little longer with my kids so that Sanaa and Layla could finish their ice cream. 

Once the girls ate their ice cream they asked to see one more animal so I took them over to the farm area and that turned out to be the best decision I had made most of the day. There were very few kids in that area and it was a nice break from the crowds. I do plan to have a do-over of our zoo trip and think we need to go back again with aunt Karen, Ariana, and grandma. 

Malakai standing and looking at some fish. He was cutting a new tooth which is why his tongue is sticking out to the side. He stuck he tongue out that way often as that tooth came in. He is now up to 8 teeth (4 on top and 4 on the bottom).

The orangutans were sleeping right next to the glass this time. I've never seen the orangutans that close before so that was pretty neat.

In the farm area, the girls pretended to ride some horses.

There was also a tractor for kids to climb on. I took this picture because the girls said they wanted to sit on the tractor that looked like grandpa's. It should be noted that this tractor is quite a bit bigger than grandpa's but I guess a tractor is a tractor to the girls and it doesn't matter what size it is.

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