Saturday, June 22, 2013

Malakai: the little boy who doesn't stop moving

In my last post I mentioned that Malakai is too busy perfecting his climbing to be bothered by learning to walk, so here are some pictures I've taken over the last week and a half. He just started climbing on stools and anything else he can manage to get on almost 2 weeks ago.

There's a little head peeking over the counter top.

Using a stool was getting too boring since they stayed in one place. However, if you push your bus around and then stand on that you can see so much more and get into so much more trouble. Who cares if the bus moves right? Mommy will make a mad dash across the room nearly tripping just so she can catch you before you bang your head. Besides mommy needs the workout since she's always complaining to daddy about how she'd like to lose some weight.

These stools just aren't tall enough for me. Even standing on my toes doesn't help much.

So mommy thought I was safe outside because there are no stools to climb on. Ha! I showed her how wrong she was when she found me on top of my sisters picnic table. She was distracted by my sisters fighting and I took the opportunity to work on some new climbing skills. You should see how fast my mommy can move now!

And what is up with the silly straps in grocery carts. You know those can't keep me down! And I will not sit correctly for my mommy either. Instead I will scream at the top of my lungs making other shoppers look at us until she leaves me alone!

Malakai started to work on his climbing when we changed up Sanaa and Layla's bedroom. Two weeks ago my parents came over to help put their new bunk bed together. Well, we have the bunk bed but none of the hardware so we couldn't put it together. Instead we just had to put their mattresses on the floor. Malakai (and the girls) thought it was awesome because it made for a fun surface to climb and bounce on. Malakai figured out he could go up and down all by himself and from there has progressed to climbing on stools, toy buses, and picnic tables.

Malakai also likes to just hang out on Layla and Sanaa's bed. The hardware still hasn't shown up. We've called 4 or 5 times over the past two weeks. I'll be calling again on Monday and will do my best to be nice but I'm a little fed up with this company and tired of how small and cluttered the girls room looks right now with two twin mattresses laying next to each other on the floor.

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