Saturday, June 15, 2013

Malakai helping grandpa work

Last weekend my parents came over to help me out with some minor home repairs, spread mulch, and build a bunk bed. The bunk bed did not get built since we didn't have the hardware. The manufacturer mailed all the parts of the bed but there was no hardware in the box so we couldn't put it together. But we did get the mulch spread and some minor repairs done.

I attempted to get Malakai down for a nap but that didn't work because he was quite full of energy. So instead he "helped" grandpa fix one of our cabinet doors that wasn't shutting all the way. I tried to move Malakai out of the way but he would get very angry with me, so I let him help.

Malakai was fascinated with everything grandpa did. If grandpa moved or tested a hinge, then Malakai had to move and test a hinge.

Each time grandpa started to use the screw driver, Malakai grabbed ahold and "helped" grandpa tighten the screws.

Below Malakai paused to watch what grandpa was doing and then jumped in to help again.

This last picture is quite blurry but I like it because Malakai really grabbed ahold of the screw driver and it looked like he was using all his strength to help grandpa tighten the last screw.

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