Thursday, June 20, 2013

Malakai - 12 months old

Happy Birthday Malakai! We made it through a year of pictures! And I'm not sure I could handle doing this much more. Getting the monthly picture has become a group effort with daddy and your sisters helping. I would stand ready with the camera, daddy would lay you down quickly, and then your sisters and daddy would make silly sounds to try and keep you on your back while I snapped as many pictures as possible. We managed to get a few decent ones and I deleted a lot of the blurry ones.

I kept a few blurry ones of you rolling away just to remember how quick you are and how you don't like to stay still. There is always somewhere you need to be and something you need to get into. The only time you are still is when you are sleeping.

You crawled off but then came back to lay down on your blanket. I guess getting your picture taken was really hard work on your part.

But a few seconds later you were back up and headed out of your room.

This is just a fun picture of you. I asked if you wanted to play pat-a-cake and you put your hands up. Not sure what you were thinking.

This morning I worked hard to get a smile for your 1st birthday. I need at least one nice picture of you on your birthday. It's hard to get a picture of you these days since you're constantly on the move. I can get some great shots of you from behind but you don't stay still long for me to get a picture of your cute face and smile. I also know you need a hair cut. But you don't sit still long enough for me to cut it and I'm to cheap to take you into a hair dresser. We'll figure something out. I know your sisters enjoy putting hair clips in your hair but don't tell daddy about that okay?

Tomorrow we head to the pediatrician for your 1 year check up. It'll be fun to see how much you've grown!

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