Saturday, June 22, 2013

Layla's 3 year checkup and Malakai's 12 month checkup

Yesterday I took the kids to the pediatrician so that Layla could have her 3 year checkup and Malakai could have his 1 year checkup. I miss the days of only taking one kid to the doctor and the funny thing is I remember being so stressed about taking Sanaa to the doctor by myself. But now I'm juggling 3 kids. Wow! Overall the kids did well. Towards the end of the appointment (which was a good hour long since we had back-to-back appointments) the kids were starting to get a tad bored and having a harder time listening.

Layla was very worried about getting a shot and Sanaa didn't help matters by informing Layla over and over and over that she HAD to get a shot at her checkup. Aren't big sisters just great? But luckily Layla is all caught up on her vaccines and didn't need a single shot. When we left the pediatrician Layla told me that that was the best doctor visit ever. Haha!

I filled out an ages and stages questionnaire for both Layla and Malakai. Layla is doing great in all areas (gross motor, fine motor, communication, personal-social skills, problem solving, etc). Her scores were well above the cut off so there wasn't much to discuss about her.

Her growth stats were:
Height: 3 feet 0.85 inches (36th percentile)
Weight: 28 pounds (29th percentile)

Malakai on the other hand received 3 shots and had his finger pricked so they could get a blood sample. Poor little guy. Malakai is doing pretty good in his overall development. At his last checkup there was a lot of concern with his communication, personal-social skills, and gross motor development. We left our last checkup with a referral to ECI. However, since he had ear tubes put in his communication, personal-social skills, and problem solving skills all are back up to what would be considered normal development. Woohoo! The only developmental area that fell in the gray area was his gross motor skills. The pediatrician said that she wouldn't do anything about it except keep an eye on him. She then asked if he is an accomplished crawler and I said yes. Right after I answered her, Malakai took the opportunity to speed crawl across the exam room, pull up to stand at a cabinet and pulled as hard as he could on the cabinet door. We both laughed at his timing to "show off." The pediatrician then said that some children are such good crawlers that they don't see a need to walk. I'm thinking Malakai falls into this category.

Currently Malakai can hold onto furniture and cruise along it as well as push a toy and walk. But he can't alone and he hasn't taken any steps on his own yet. I'm not worried. Sanaa didn't start walking until she was 15 months and I'm sure Malakai will be walking by then. Besides, he's too busy perfecting his climbing abilities to walk right now!

Malakai's growth stats were:
Height: 29.3 inches (33rd percentile)
Weight: 19 pounds 15 ounces (29th percentile)
Head circumference: 18 inches (63rd percentile)

The pediatrician was also happy to see that Malakai had gained a good amount of weight and was finally back on the chart instead of slowly falling off the chart. At his 9 month check up he had lost weight and fallen to the 7th percentile.

This evening Malakai finished off his final can of formula. Yay! We started giving him whole milk yesterday and he loves. He chugs down a sippy cup of milk quite fast so we've had no problems with him transitioning from formula to milk. All day today he drank milk instead of formula but then at bed time Nate gave him the last of the formula just so we could finish it off. He also stopped using the bottle about a month ago and has only been using his sippy cups. I'm a little surprised at how I haven't had to wean him from anything yet. He's just transitioned himself to the next thing.

Overall, Malakai is a good eater. He tries pretty much anything you put on his tray. The biggest issue I have with him and eating is that he likes to throw his food. Sometimes he does it for fun but most times he does it because he's full. We typically take away his food once he starts throwing it but he's pretty fast and can make a huge mess in just a few seconds.

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