Thursday, June 13, 2013

How our living room typically looks

If someone were to stop and make a surprise visit this is most likely how the living room would look. Every day the girls pull the pillows off the couch to create their "beach" and then climb around on the couch or bury themselves under the pillows. 

Even Malakai likes to get in on the action and do some climbing. If the pillows are high enough he can climb up onto the couch by himself. Malakai loves to be on the couch and has recently started screaming and yelling if I don't let him on the couch. I've caught him standing at the couch when his sisters are sitting on it yelling because he wants to be on the couch too.

So while my house is usually picked up and looks fairly neat when I know people are stopping by, it definitely is not always neat and tidy. But at least the kids are having fun.

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