Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day

If you haven't noticed I'm trying to get caught up on the blog. May and June are such busy months for us that it's easy to fall behind on the blog. Below is Nate and the kids before we left for church. Sanaa and Layla are holding the coffee mugs that they painted for him as a gift.

There is a ceramic cafe not far from us that Sanaa and Layla enjoy going to. They've painted several gifts for family members there. For Nate, they did coffee mugs and each girl used a stencil to paint a little surprise inside the mug. Sanaa chose a ladybug and Layla picked a dinosaur.

The mug Sanaa painted is on the left and the one Layla painted is on the right.

At church the girls played the bells in the Joy Bell choir. This was Layla's first time performing and being in front of the congregation. After a child turns 3 they move from the toddler nursery to the preschool class. Layla had only been in the preschool class for 2 weeks when she performed with the bell choir. She did very well and you could tell that she concentrated hard to ring her bell at the right time. Layla is in the front, the second girl from the left. You can barely see Sanaa since one of her friends was standing in front of her. Sanaa is just behind the third girl from the right.

Since I couldn't get a good shot of Sanaa during the performance I snapped a quick picture of her and Layla walking off stage. Both girls held their bells carefully as they walked back to class. It was a lot of fun to watch both of them perform together.

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