Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two independent girls

Do you think Sanaa and Layla are sisters? Their hair from the back is nearly identical! I love it! If they were the same size I doubt I would be able to tell who was who from the back.

Going potty is always much more enjoyable when you're with someone. Layla is doing really well with her potty training. She can stay dry all day but also gets lazy (or is just having too much fun playing to stop) and  will then have an accident. But she's taken a huge step these last two days in that she told me she needed to poop and requested to sit on the potty. Normally she cries and begs for a pull-up if she needs to poop but yesterday she was in a pull-up when she asked to poop on the potty. Yay! I haven't pushed the potty training at all but since she's doing so well it might be time to just use pull-ups at night and not during the day.

This morning all the kids slept in. Nate went to work early and I got up to shower quick before the kids got up but I was able to eat breakfast and drink most of my coffee before any of them got up! Sanaa was actually the first one up at 7:15am (she's typically the last one up). Malakai didn't wake up until nearly 7:45am and Layla finally came out of her room shortly after 8:00am. Them waking up late did make for a very rushed morning since we needed to get Sanaa to school by 9:00am, so the girls got to dress themselves. Normally I let them pick out their clothes and then I gently suggest different pants or a shirt that matches better. This morning I didn't have that luxury and the girls got to wear exactly what they picked out. They definitely have a style all their own.

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