Monday, May 6, 2013

Spider web cleaner Sanaa

We saw spider webs on the fence and our house (there's lots of spider webs and spiders here which I greatly dislike!). I mentioned to Sanaa and Layla that I needed to remember to ask daddy to go around the house and sweep away the spider webs again so that they wouldn't come in the house. The girls get a huge laugh out of seeing me squeal when a spider is spotted inside. Even Malakai has started laughing at me.

But, shortly after I mentioned having daddy brush away the spider webs, Sanaa grabbed her broom and began walking around brushing away any spider webs she saw. She's done an awesome job for a nearly 5 year old and takes her job quite seriously. She's said to me several times, "You can just call me spider web cleaner Sanaa."

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Anonymous said...

(The casual observer will note how far away Rosa is taking pictures of Sanaa when spiders are involved.)—Papa Gene