Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sanaa's Pre-K 4 spring concert and zoo trip

The month of May hit and it has been busy! This week Sanaa had her spring concert on Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun to watch but long. An hour long. Yes, an hour. That seemed quite long to me but they weren't singing the entire time. The teachers gave every child the opportunity to have a special part in the program. For nearly every song kids got to come forward and hold props or wear a costume. So a good chunk of the hour was spent on the teachers helping the kids with the transitions. Layla was getting quite tired and during the last few songs started asking to go home. But it was still fun to watch.

Sanaa wore her pretty Easter dress to the concert. It turns out one other girl in a different class wore the same exact dress! I think at any other age showing up in the same outfit would be mortifying but Sanaa and this other girl thought it was cool!

This was at the the end of the program and Mrs. Marek was giving the parents instructions on where to pick up the kids. Mrs. Marek is Sanaa's teacher and I think we're lucky Sanaa was placed in her class. I'll be requesting that Layla and Malakai have her when they are 4.

A closer shot of Sanaa. She got to stand in the front. Elias is next to her and then her good friend Lexi is next to Elias.

This is how Malakai spent the concert. Asleep. I thought he was going to be a handful because before the concert started he was climbing over laps, lunging to reach the back of the pew, and constantly moving. But once the kids started screaming singing he fell asleep. I have no idea how he slept through the concert with it being so loud. I guess he's just use to a lot of noise during his naps.

Today Sanaa's preschool class went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun. Sanaa got to attend a 30 minute bug class which she didn't tell me much about except that she saw a scorpion and some kind of hissing bug. We still haven't figured out what hissing bug she was talking about. We did ask if it was a cockroach and she said no. After her class we got to walk around the zoo and spend as much time as we wanted there. The animals were quite active this morning so it was a lot of fun to see many animals that are typically sleeping when we've gone in the past.

Something that is brand new to our zoo is flamingos. When we saw the sign for flamingos, Sanaa got very excited. When we found them Sanaa squealed with delight.

Sanaa informed us that flamingos are her favorite animal. I'm not sure why they are her favorite but she's been talking about flamingos for nearly a year.

Layla wanted her picture taken with the flamingos in the background as well.

Our zoo also has a baby elephant (Lily) that was born in early December (I believe). The girls loved seeing the baby elephant. Sanaa and Layla both said they want a baby elephant to keep. I told them elephants grew way too big so we couldn't have one but some day we could get them a stuffed elephant.

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