Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sanaa's last day of preschool

Sanaa had her last day of preschool today and is getting ready to head to kindergarten in the fall. This feels like such a huge milestone for us and I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing when she graduates high school and is headed to college. Sanaa had a really fun last day at preschool. They had a school carnival and the students got to play many different games, jump in a bounce house, watch a juggler, and snack on special treats. Sanaa was so full from all the treats that she didn't even touch her lunch.

Below I have a picture of Sanaa from today before we headed out for her last day of preschool and I have a picture from her first day of preschool for a comparison. I'm surprised at how much older she looks from September to May. I really should measure her at the beginning of the school year and the end of the school year. They did that during Sanaa's first week of school and then her last week of school, but they wrote down that she weighs the same and she's the same height. Hmmm.... That can't be right since most of her pants are getting too short so I know she's grown!

In the little book that I was given (it charts Sanaa's academic progress), the last page had some questions that Sanaa answered.
What is the best thing God made? trucks
My favorite Bible story is? Mary had a baby named Jesus
My favorite thing to do at school is? playing in the gym
My favorite school friends are? Lexi
When I grow up I want to be? princess

Sanaa and Mrs. Marek. She was a wonderful teacher and I hope she's still teaching in two years. I told her that if she is still there in two years I plan to have Layla in class. She's quite familiar with Layla since Layla often wanted to stay in her class when we dropped Sanaa off.

Yesterday the 4's classes had a talent show. The kids could do something if they wanted to but didn't have to. Sanaa decided she wanted to play the harmonica. She practiced at home and was very excited. But at the talent show she got a little nervous and only played 3 notes. A low note, a middle note, and a high note. I was quite proud that she actually got up in front of everyone and even attempted to play the harmonica. Some of her classmates were too shy and didn't want to perform.

Right after Sanaa, Lexi (one of her good friends), played the drums and sang Jesus Loves Me. Lexi sang the first line and then stopped and asked for help so then everyone sang along as she played the drums. I like the picture below because Sanaa turned around and gave me a thumbs up after she finished playing the harmonica.

Another friend of Sanaa's, Kelsey, did a head stand in the talent show. I was quite impressed. I don't think I could do a head stand at all anymore.

I don't think it's sunk in that school is out for the summer. I've become so accustomed to rushing around in the mornings that it might take me a few days to realize I don't have to hurry the kids along so we can get in the van. It'll actually be nice to have a slower morning. We do have a fun summer planned and a bunch of birthdays coming up next month so there is definitely plenty to keep us busy. Now if only the rain would go away and the warm weather would return so we could spend more time outside.

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