Thursday, May 2, 2013

Malakai's first hair cut - 10 months

I have been putting off cutting Malaka's hair. Sanaa and Layla didn't get their first hair cut until they were nearly 2 years old but with a boy it's different. I can't put clips and head bands on him. Nate doesn't really like that. So, I finally trimmed up his hair and got it out of his eyes. I decided to just do it myself (while Nate held him) and it didn't turn out too bad considering this is the first time I've ever cut anyone's hair. 

Before pictures: His hair would either stand up fairly high or hang down into to his eyes.

The pile of hair on the floor. He's only 10 months old and this feels like a lot of hair to take off a 10 month old.

After pictures: It no longer hangs in his eyes (which I'm sure he's thankful for) but he's going to be stuck with a funky cowlick. Maybe some day we'll find a decent hair style to hide (or camouflage) his cowlick.

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