Friday, May 3, 2013

Malakai gets ear tubes

This morning around 5:30am I left the house with Malakai and headed to the hospital so Malakai could get ear tubes. After battling ear infections (or possibly the same one that never left) for over 2 months I was ready for this. Yet, last night I was a little nervous and had a hard time falling asleep. We had been through this before with Sanaa so I think part of my nervousness was remembering what it was like in recovery with her. Sanaa was a mess and would not calm down. She was also nearly 2 years old so I'm sure her age played a factor in her being so uncontrollable.

Nate stayed home with Sanaa and Layla, so it was just me and Malakai. He did really well. Multiple nurses and doctors commented on what a good and easy going baby he was. Before the surgery he did cry some but I think that was due to being hungry, tired (especially since I woke him at 3am to nurse him and then again at 5:30am so we could leave), and he didn't like the nurse taking his blood pressure. He also didn't like the nurse placing the pulse oximeter on his big toe and he let her know about that!

Here are two post-op pictures. He kept biting and pulling at the blood pressure cup. They never were able to get a reading before he was taken back to the operating room.

Still messing with that silly cord attached to blood pressure cup.

Sanaa wanted to know what Malaka's bed looked like. So this picture is for her. The side pulls up to create a crib. The nurse blew bubbles for Malakai as an attempt to distract him from the blood pressure cup on his arm. The distraction worked but she still couldn't get a reading for some reason. We came home with the bubbles, a little brown teddy bear, and a sippy cup! Malakai really likes his new sippy cup.

The surgery was fast. I had time to go to the bathroom, get some coffee, and send a few text messages. Then just as I opened up my book the doctor walked out. I knew it was going to be fast but this felt much faster than Sanaa's surgery when she got tubes.

When the doctor walked out his first words were, "Rubber cement." Not at all what I was expecting to hear. But it turns out the goop/fluid in his ear reminded the doctor of rubber cement or that silly goop that kids play with. He commented that it's a good thing we did the tubes and it appeared that we got them in just before another ear infection set in. We have ear drops that we'll be using over the weekend but then Malakai should be okay. At the end of May we'll go back for another hearing test and an ear check. I'm betting that his hearing will be much better now that the rubber cement is out of his ears.

The doctor left but then returned about 2-3 minutes later and said the nurses were ready for me in the recovery room and he walked me back there. When I got back to recovery area I could hear him crying. There were two nurses with him (one holding him and trying to get him calmed down) and they said he did great. Since he was just waking up he was quite disoriented.

For about 10 minutes he was quite uncontrollable. I tried nursing him, giving him a sippy cup, and finally gave him a bottle. Most times he wants to nurse when he's upset but it didn't work this time. This time he wanted his bottle and he calmed right down once I got that figured out. It made the nurse laugh. He drank about 2 oz from he bottle and then rested on me for about 10-15 minutes.

After his short rest and getting some food in his tummy Malakai was pretty much back to himself. He smiled at the nurse when she came to check on us. He even let the nurse carry him to the entrance and smiled at the other nurses and doctors on the way out! We were back home by 9am. He's now napping and we'll just keep today low key for him.

I love his hair in this last picture. When the doctor saw him before surgery he was impressed that Malakai can get such good height with his hair without gel.

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Kristen said...

so glad he's doing well! praying for a great recovery!