Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Malakai 11 months old

Yesterday Malakai turned 11 months old. Only one month left and we'll be celebrating his first birthday! Since he had his tubes put in a couple weeks ago he has been quite the busy boy. He gets into everything and he's much happier! Just tonight he opened our trash can and helped himself to some of Layla's left over dinner I had tossed in there. (It was the crust from her grilled cheese sandwich. She eats the middle of the sandwich and not the sides). So I removed the trash bag and put in an empty one and Malakai got very angry with me for removing his food source. Oh my word!

Taking pictures now is quite a challenge. Nate had to lay him down and then I would quickly snap a picture. Our camera battery died just as I tried to snap the first picture so I ended up having to use my phone to take pictures instead.

Malakai is making a lot of new sounds now that he has tubes in his ears. He says, "dada, mama, nana, AAHHHHH, and eh." He likes to yell a lot. Sanaa and Layla don't like the yelling and cover their ears with their hands. He has also started waving which is so cute. He waved at several moms at Sanaa's preschool today and the of course they thought it was the cutest thing ever.

He is a very huggable, lovable little guy and enjoys snuggling and cuddling. He also loves to play with faces and will grab someones nose or lips. There have been numerous times he'll place his hands on my cheeks and then lean in for a slobbery kiss. However, you do have to be aware of the potential snuggle/cuddle turning into him biting you. He bites a lot more than the girls ever did.

I am no longer nursing. That ended about a week ago. He was getting too frustrated and was biting me a lot more often. Plus, after I would nurse him he would still drink 4-6 ounces from a bottle so he obviously wasn't getting enough. Overall, he has a pretty big appetite. He prefers to feed himself and just eats bits and pieces of whatever we're having for dinner. He really likes yogurt and applesauce and will let us feed him that. But aside from those two items he doesn't like us to spoon feed him. He also loves his sippy cup (and his sister's sippy cups if they get left where he can reach them). Since he likes the sippy cup so much we decided to just stop using his bottles this week. He doesn't seem to mind at all.

He is growing up way too fast for me! In a 1-2 week period he stopped nursing and using bottles and transitioned to using sippy cups. What will he be doing next week? Cooking for me? Ha!

I often wonder what goes through his little head. He'll get an expression like in the picture below just before he lunges at a toy or tries to grab one of his sisters. He can be very destructive and thoroughly enjoys attempting to reach his sister's drawings on the fridge so that he can rip them and ball them up. We've had a few tears around here as the girls have witnessed Malakai ruin one of their drawings. But we've also learned the importance of hanging up precious pictures much higher.

Malakai also enjoys throwing things. He throws just about anything. I really wonder if this is a boy thing since I don't remember Sanaa or Layla having so much fun just throwing toys. This afternoon he spent a good 10 minutes throwing a small ball and then crawling after it. It was really fun to watch. He also enjoys playing with his farm and his sister's doll house. I think what he enjoys most about those toys is opening and closing the doors and putting animals through windows and other openings.

Being outside is also another thing Malakai really enjoys. He would be extremely happy if I left him outside all day with his sisters but the problem with that is he also likes to try and eat just about anything he finds outside. So I can't take my eyes off of him. I have fished many many items from his mouth and had a good scare one day when he started gagging on something he had put in his mouth.

Since getting the tubes in his ears, Malakai has finally started sleeping better at night. Last week he slept about 10-11 hours at night but then he got sick and started waking up again. We passed a stomach bug around here at the end of last week. Layla, Malakai, and Nate all caught it. So far Sanaa and I have been fine and I hope it stays that way.

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