Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hair cuts

Is 5 1/2 months between hair cuts too long? Probably. But I don't think I realized it had been that long since the girls and I had had our hair cut. I had been meaning to make an appointment for over a month but our weeks filled up so fast that I never made the appointment. 

Thursday the three of us girls got our hair chopped off. Sanaa's hair is the shortest it's been in at least 2 years and she's loving it. She's almost constantly swishing her hair around. Layla's hair isn't quite as short as Sanaa's because she wanted to keep her hair long. But I still had a couple inches taken off of Layla's hair.

Here are the girls after there hair cut. From the front it's kind of hard to see much difference (at least in a picture. In person it's quite noticeable). I didn't think about getting good before and after shots so I had to use some before pictures that I already had.

Sanaa before.

Sanaa after.

Layla before.

Layla after.

The girls before.

Both girls after. Not sure why they decided to pose like that. Kind of funny.

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