Friday, May 17, 2013

Germs, germs go away....

This week all I've felt like chanting is "germs, germs go away." Last Tuesday (the day of Sanaa's school concert) was the first day that Sanaa started to act funny. She was complaining of her stomach hurting and wouldn't eat much. I figured she was constipated. Wednesday morning she woke up and immediately threw up a small amount so then I thought it was a stomach virus. But she only threw up once and that was it, so I was back to thinking she just needed to poop. Wednesday night she finally pooped and I figured all would be well now. 

Thursday was Sanaa's school field trip to the zoo and she acted fairly normal. She still didn't have her normal appetite but she wasn't complaining as often about her tummy hurting. On Friday she started complaining about her stomach hurting again and wouldn't eat. Friday evening after Nate got home from work I took Sanaa to the doctor. It was a long evening. Sanaa and I didn't get home until 9pm. I found out that she had a urinary tract infection so after seeing the doctor I took Sanaa to the store and we waited for her prescription to be filled. I didn't want to stay out so late with her but it's easier to run errands with just one child than all three plus I wanted her to start her antibiotics that night if possible.

Saturday and Sunday there wasn't much improvement with Sanaa but by Monday she was back to her normal self. So of course I thought we'd have a pretty good week but no such luck. On Tuesday Malakai began teething again and was not happy. He started to refuse food and scream. He also began waking up again at night. Today I saw his 7th tooth starting to come through. 

Wednesday Layla started throwing up. Thankfully she never threw up while we were dropping Sanaa off or picking Sanaa up from preschool. And I'm also thankful that Sanaa was feeling much better by Wednesday and could help keep Malakai distracted while I cleaned up after Layla.

Thursday Layla was doing a lot better. She was acting like her normal self again with her normal appetite, so of course I assumed she just had some 24 hour bug.

But then we got to today. At breakfast everyone except Malakai seemed fine. Malakai was just downright cranky which I attributed to him teething. So off we went to attend our last BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class until next fall. When I picked up the kids after class Malakai was still crying and I found out that Layla had had diarrhea. Ugh.

Layla continued to have more diarrhea for the rest of the day, she lost her appetite, and she complained about her tummy hurting. Malakai has also been having some diarrhea so now I'm starting to wonder if he has whatever Layla has along with a tooth coming in. Who knows. Whatever is getting passed around needs to leave. I've been cleaning and washing hands like crazy hoping that Sanaa, Nate, and I don't get sick.

This picture was taken earlier this week. I have been carrying Malakai in my sling most of the week. In fact one day as Sanaa and Layla said goodbye to Nate before he left I looked around and wondered where Malakai was. I was just getting ready to ask Nate where Malakai was when I realized I was holding him. Geez. I can understand forgetting sunglasses on your head but forgetting that there's a baby on your hip is just plain crazy.

During one of Malakai's feeling better moments he figured out how to climb on our little horse all by himself. He was so excited about his new accomplishment!

Static hair! Thursday I let Layla play on the play structure at Sanaa's preschool before we picked up Sanaa. Each time she came down the slide she had so much static that her hair stood straight out. She thought it was hilarious.

Next week is Sanaa's last week of preschool. It is hard to believe this school year is ending and she'll be headed to kindergarten in the fall!

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